Ride or Die

A great slogan….it makes one think of the rugged sort of desperados that might have traversed these northwest Oklahoma high plains so many years ago just to survive, not a tag line, but simply a way of being…of living.

It also makes perfect sense and is timely even in today’s crazy world….

I liken this slogan to a catch phrase I use in my daily life and have for almost a couple of years now, a phrase, that quite frankly has made me the source of ridicule and fun making from some, but never the less, one that is absolutely true, real and an absolute in my life….. an easy one to remember, to remind one’s self of, and to hold close to one’s heart and head.

I know… you’re wondering if I’ll ever cut to the chase….YES I will… it’s this….

There is unequivocally NO TRY in my life….. there is only DECIDE AND DO.

DECIDE AND DO…it’s that simple.

There comes a point in one’s life where there are just no more excuses one can offer for  lacking.  Each of us are in control of our own path, the direction of our sail and how much effort we put forth in our ability to set the course.  It is simply put a DECISION we make. This simple idea has helped me in more ways than I can ever explain in a few short paragraphs.

The journey to regain my best health, the road to helping causes that are important to me, my heart, and the world around me, my quest to grow my leadership skills into an ability to help others grow into what God has planned them to be, can all be traced to that DECIDE AND DO attitude.  No try…only DO.

I say this mantra out loud, in my head, and my heart so much, …that my brain says it back to me now.

Look at it this way, you were born for greatness, we all were, you might have lost your way…but GOD has always known your path…and I am living, breathing proof that anyone, at any age, can pick themselves up and do something to better their own situation, AND someone else’s as well.

If you feel that this matches what’s in your wheel house…..consider, instead of saying “you’ll try”… next time you DECIDE to change the voice in your brain to a DECIDE AND DO attitude…Followed by ACTION….

This concept is from the brilliant minds of Michael and Debra Bernoff, these two incredible ones are in part responsible for helping me… continue to find my best version of me. Thank you both, I could never ever possibly repay you enough for this gift.

Hoping these words find you all chasing your BEST life!

Tha Grayce Haired Lady.







Blog 1.

Eighteen…. that’s a loaded number isn’t it? Eighteen hold’s so much value for us all.  It’s a paradigm shifting number.  It’s a beginning number, it’s a chapter closing number, it’s a number that can mean responsibility, or even freedom. It’s truly all in one’s perspective isn’t it?

There’s another great word I love….Persepective…HOW we view ourselves and the world… and HOW the world views US ….if we care to look…. a lot to ponder in just a couple of sentences…

I have been prodded and cajoled and picked at and picked on for literally years now  by several dear ones to write down things as I see them and as they come at me. I am succumbing to the barrage and am giving this a go. Please be kind…BUT  Honest honest honest with me please, if you will….

If all goes as intended…and we know it never does…  as we share this blog together, we will laugh, and cry, inspire and motivate, but mostly, lift up and empower,  cheer lead and cheer on, share a secret from time to time…. but mostly, LOVE, without judgment, WITH tolerance, and latitude,  and at the end of every day simply appreciate one another.

So lets get on with it. Back to 18. I have turned 18 ….3 times… I already gave my stage in life away with the name of this blog, so it’s no surprise that I’m in my fifties, and if one does the math have turn 18, and 36, and yes 54.

18 for me was absolutely wonderful, with the hope of an incredible life and absolutely NOOOO idea which way was up! 36 found me in the great big middle of juggling my true love of parenthood, an incredible career life, doing my best to be a picture perfect corporate wife, and trying to be an only daughter my parents’ dreamed of.

But let’s get real….the true picture was that of a screaming, fence climbing soccer and baseball mom, who constantly was running to change the contents of washer to the dryer and speed folding and hanging the contents of the dryer…while deciding what was fastest,  tacos, or calling the hubs to bring home dinner, while yelling one more time to get your practice gear on because we are late and stop stop stop reading that book ( more on the kid later…) …grabbing my bag phone so I could make PTA home room mom call’s  from the car while at practice and being sure I had the phone in case the Dr. boss or the hubs needed me… Oh yeah.. and letting the dog out on the way out the door…. because she was as big as a horse… and well …you know….with only one child…. and this was just 5 to 7 pm. any given week night…. Sound familiar?

If you are in the first two 18’s….let me give you some PERSPECTIVE… that crazy life?…as fast as it comes along with all its fury ….. disappears like lightning itself…. and you will absolutely desperately miss it.  The busy, the sights, the sounds, and yes, even the creepy smells, are the refiners fire that will offer you the ability to let unimportant matters roll off your back a bit easier and prepare you to more readily discern those issues in life that truly matter. You NEEEEEED these days.

Parents…Hold the crazy days in your hand…tightly….feel it… full on….commit it to memory…you’ll want to later….for, when the house is empty…and they all leave….make no mistake… as much as you wish for the solace…..THE QUIET WILL BE DEAFENING.

So you see… perspective DOES matter doesn’t it?

Friends,…No matter which 18 you are in….. enjoy THAT ride, let your hair feeeel the wind…if you choose,…let it turn gray…

AS I embark on my FOURTH 18…I am committed to live my healthiest life every moment and fine tune my on going health journey…..love my hubs with my entire heart everyday…. let the only boy go his way and run to his incredible life as fast as he can with all the love he wants and needs from us…to be be the very best friend my friends have…and to love my LORD like my very life depends on it ….because it DOES!

My words beg a question…What are you doing with your 18 in 2018?

Wishing this finds you chasing your best life,

The Graycehaired Lady.